Sunday, February 20, 2011

HRT...a blessing in disguise

Six months ago, my gynecologist started me on a type of hormone replacement therapy with a low dose birth control pill.  After the first pill pack, I felt different.  I was calmer; no more crying jags over the smallest things; no more fights over irrational things.  I became a different person. 

Many times since starting HRT, my boyfriend has looked at me with the strangest expressions and says, "Where is my girlfriend and what have you done to her?"  The change is very noticeable.  We've even started making wedding plans for October, 2011.  My boyfriend really believes the HRT saved our relationship.  I have to agree. 

I honestly FEEL better.  It's the strangest thing, but I feel like ME.  I feel...for the lack of a better term...normal.