Sunday, March 18, 2012

Getting Past Your Breakup by Susan J. Elliott

Over a month ago, I purchased the book Getting Past Your Breakup.  The book is a step by step guide to turning a break up into a time for  self-discovery.  Many of us are doomed to continue repeating past mistakes unless we recognize them and take steps to change our habits.  For me, it seems that I keep picking the same man over and over.  I find the broken man in hopes of fixing him and making him happy.

One thing the book has taught me thus far is that I have to love me and feel confident in my choices before moving to the next man (or mistake).  I have discovered so many strengths I never knew I had.

I am more than capable of making decisions for myself.
I am a loving, giving person.
I am smart.
I am beautiful.
I am caring.
I have achievable goals.
I can take care of me.
My life is complete (without a man).

There is so much more I've learned about myself, but I won't bore everyone with the details.  Well, there is one more thing.  I am ridiculously happy.  My life is good.  I have some of the most wonderful friends in the universe.  My family is fantastic.  I am surrounded by love and support.  The book has really opened my eyes to the blessings (good things) in my life.  When I was with the ex-fiance, I didn't notice.  I was working so hard to be what he wanted me to be that I didn't see there were those who loved me as I was.  

Learning to be true to me and my beliefs has been a difficult lesson, but so worth the time and effort.  I can honestly say, I love me and I love my life. 

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